Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eartha Kitt
A Harlem Grrrrrreat!

"I am learning all the time.
The tombstone will be my diploma."

This is where you see the truth of entertainment, because it is not edited.

You see it on stage as it is happening.

Even if we fall down or forget our words,
it's a part of live entertainment."

"I was given away.

If your mother gives you away,
you think everybody who comes into your life is going to give you away."

"The public has become my fairy godmother."

Eartha Kitt sings "C'est Si Bon"
Television Broadcast


Eartha Kitt sings "Everything Changes"
NYC Theater Production "Mimi Le Duck" 2006


Blogger Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

It doesn't get any better than Eartha Kitt, does it?


Tom Degan

Goshen, NY

6:04 AM  

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