Monday, October 22, 2007

Films Shot in HARLEM!

Harlem is Heaven, 1932

Dark Manhattan, 1937

Moon Over Harlem, 1939

Paradise in Harlem, 1939

Harlem Hot Shots, 1944

Hi-De-Ho , 1947

Souls of Sin, 1949

Showtime at the Apollo:
"Harlem Merry-go-Round", 1955

The Cool World, 1963

The Pawnbroker, 1964

Black Roots, 1970

Cotton Comes to Harlem, 1970

Shaft, 1971

Across 110th Street, 1972

Black Rodeo, 1972

Come Back
Charleston Blue, 1972

Black Caesar, 1973

Hell Up in Harlem, 1973

Live and Let Die, 1973
Renaissance Reunion, 1973/2002

Claudine, 1974

From These Roots, 1974

Aaron Loves Angela, 1975

El Super, 1979

Gloria, 1980

The above opening credits by Harlem artist Romare Bearden

The Brother From Another Planet, 1984
The Cotton Club, 1984
Looking for Langston, 1988
Mo' Better Blues, 1990

Paris is Burning, 1990

Reversal of Fortune, 1990
A Rage In Harlem, 1991

Jungle Fever, 1991

New Jack City, 1991

Juice, 1992

Sugar Hill, 1993

A Great Day In Harlem, 1994

Above the Rim, 1994

Die Hard with a Vengeance, 1995
The Spitball Story, 1998

Shaft, 2000

The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001

The 25th Hour, 2002

The Guru, 2002
The dream dance sequence and Ramu’s Broadway debut were filmed at the ornate, United Palace Church on 175th St./Broadway

The Black Donnellys, 2006
(TV series, frequently filmed in Harlem)
Killa Season, 2006

Preaching to the Choir, 2006

August Rush, 2007
Pride and Glory, 2007

American Gangster, 2007

Queen of Media, 2007

The Brave One, 2007

The Ministers, 2007

Original list compiled by Wikipedia, with additional film titles supplied by HarlemOneStop


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My father in law, D'Urville Martin played in Hell Up in Harlem and Black Caesar, which were filmed in Harlem and should be added to your list. Thanks.

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