Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Philadelphia Loves Harlem!
Catch the Raves...

A few words from HarlemOneStop Customers!

"I enjoyed my visit touring Hamilton Heights' homes and apartments, and the history of Strivers Row. I especially enjoyed our tour guide, John Reddick, who was very knowledgeable of Harlem's history.
Kudos to Londel's Restaurant."

- Deborah Ross Philadelphia, PA

"Quite an enjoyable trip. I enjoyed learning about and touring the houses of Harlem. I will tell others about this trip and the purpose of the funds to encourage more people to want to visit. Keep up the good work."
- Jackie Greene - Philadelphia, PA

"I had never been to was culturally, educationally, and ethnically pleasing to see this section of New York. I will do this again."
- Paulette Thompson Philadelphia, PA

"It was a BLAST! Even though I am from NYC and that area, it was good seeing it from another view point."
- Rene Vargas Philadelphia, PA

"I now have a voice and a face of Harlem. Thank you John for providing a soul to a place that's more than bricks and stone. I can almost see Billie Holiday heels hitting the sidewalk's pavement."

- Roslyn S. Gaskins Philadelphia, Pa

"This was an amazing experience! It was so nice to see the beautiful houses that had a modern flair but yet still maintained the historic presence of Harlem."
- Kelli Satterthwaite Philadelphia, PA

"What a day! It was such a pleasure seeing homes and meeting the owners who understood the historical perspective of Harlem."
- Kimlar Satterthwaite Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA

"I had a fabulous time bringing history to life. Please include me on future Harlem events."
- Yolanda Middleton Philadelphia, PA

"A stunning look at Harlem's architecture, design and life from the inside out. Do yourself a favor and honor it, while you still can."
- Eugene Smith Philadelphia, PA

"Fantastic, fabulous, factual, fun, fulfilling.... and I'm glad I came."
- Jean Towns Philadelphia, PA

"A lovely trip from start to finish. I would like to go again next year."
- Debbie Lewis Philadelphia, PA

Hamilton Heights lifted my soul! What a wonderful experience to see and enter history. The homes were magnificent and maintained to perfection. I am so proud to be an African American and to be a part of this event. I am most honored to have John Reddick guide us through this journey with his incredible knowledge of the area. Harlem, here I come again and again....see you next year!
- Diane Satterthwaite Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA


Blogger SANKOFA said...

I was out there that Sunday and wondered why was there such a crowd was on the street.
Glad you guys enjoyed your visit to The Village of Harlem.

5:20 PM  

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