Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bill Cunningham New York

Photographer, Bill Cunningham, has an eye for fashion, along with a unique access and ability to read its pulse any day of the week, rain or shine on the streets of New York City. Cunningham also, was one of the first to recognize and document through his photographs the beat African Americans contributed to that fashion pulse and influence.

He's acknowledged, that it was the election of David Dinkins as New York's first black mayor that pushed his newspaper, The New York Times to be more inclusive in its social and fashion pages of the city's diversity, thus liberating and presenting the full spectrum of his, "On the Street" photographic profiles to the paper's American and foreign audiences.

Now in his 80's, Bill Cunningham is currently the subject of a documentary titled, "Bill Cunningham New York" which will be the opening film of the
New Directors/New Films Festival
at Lincoln Center on Mach 24th.

Bill Cunningham New York, 2010. USA.
Directed by Richard Press.

In a city of dedicated originals, New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham stands out as one who both knows how to capture the essence of the singular personality and clearly represents one himself. Entering his ninth decade, Cunningham still rides his Schwinn around Manhattan, putting miles between his street-level view of personal style and what the titans of fashion will come to discover down the road. This heartfelt and honest documentary turns the camera on one who has so lovingly and selflessly captured the looks that have defined generations. And in the photographer’s chronicles of the events and people that captivate our beloved city, the film is just as much a portrait of New York as of Cunningham. 84 min.

  • Wednesday, Mar 24: 7:00 (MoMA)

  • Wednesday, Mar 24: 7:30 (MoMA)

  • Thursday, Mar 25: 9:15 (Film Society @Lincoln Center)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

POW, ZOOM!!... to the Moon, "Birthers"
Obama Birth Stalkers and the Law

According to recent news, it appears that the state of Hawaii is about to pass a law to stave off having to respond to the endless wave of inquires about Obama's birth certificate information.

The media's continued lopsided presentation of this argument reflects on why the so called "birthers" continue to believe they have a case at all.

Publishers like the Associated Press write articles mentioning the group's basic premise, that "Obama is ineligible to be president because, they argue, he was actually born outside the United States," and then fail to mention that he'd still be an American citizen and eligible to be president even if that were true.

There's been no challenge to the fact that his mother was born in the US and a life-long citizen, , therefore if he'd been born on the moon he'd still be an American citizen. Based on the "birther" argument, any child of an American citizen born while they were a US diplomat in a foreign out-post, or on an ocean cruise, or for that matter, of parents on a Canadian camping trip, would not be an American citizen... how ridiculous!

Even more ridiculous is that the media reports and keeps this story alive more for its commercial viability then for any commitment to provide the true facts under the law. Sadly, this debate speaks more to the sorry state of today's journalism, then to the issue it pretends to be focused on.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Single Man, Green Onions & Booker T.

Upon viewing
Tom Ford's film,
"A Single Man" set
in the 1960's I was struck not only by its success at capturing the period's fashion, style and manners, but also its spot on grasp of the era's popular sound.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Melodia Lounge
Uptown Fashion Diary 2.13.10

It's Lick it... Suck it... Bite it Night
at Melodia Lounge in Washington Heights. So, what to wear!

a Night

cheer as
buff men
cast aside
clothes &


Melodia's 1:00 AM Male Revue!